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Our industry-leading high-current circuit breaker testers, AC/DC variable power supplies, and electrical test equipment are deployed at testing companies and within critical environments worldwide. We pride ourselves on extremely high levels of customer service and responsiveness – find out what it means to partner with ETI today.

Circuit Breaker Testers


Rugged primary injection tester rated for 6,000A circuit breakers. Runs on 208-240 or 480VAC.


Portable and modular unit for testing 4,000A circuit breakers, maneuverable in tight spaces.


Durable primary injection tester rated for 4,000A circuit breakers. Runs on 208-240 or 480VAC.


Mobile high-current tester for circuit breakers rated up to 2,000 amps. Runs on 208/240 and 480 VAC.


Portable, modular, and durable primary injection tester rated for 1,600A circuit breakers. Runs on 208-240VAC.


Powerful tester for circuit breakers rated up to 800 amps. Extremely portable and modular design for one-person mobility.


Small yet powerful high-current test set capable of generating up to 1,000A. Runs on 120 VAC.

Power Supplies


Versatile and intuitive 10-amp AC and DC variable power supply.


Compact and powerful 20-amp AC and DC variable power supply.


PI-1600 Accessories Case

Carrying case for easy organization and management of PI-1600 accessories.

Adjustable Test Stab Set

Adjustable test stabs for maximum flexibility when testing circuit breakers.


An advanced self-contained microprocessor-based metering and control package for primary injection circuit breaker testers.


Step-down transformer for converting 480V outputs to the standard 240V.

ORTM-4 Recloser Testing System

The ORTM-4 system is a sophisticated recloser testing accessory used in conjunction with primary injection testing of oil and vacuum-type reclosers.

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