Physical & Dimensional

Our expert calibration technicians provide both onsite and laboratory calibration services for a variety of physical and dimensional measuring instruments. We have a dedicated controlled environment in our laboratory for high-precision physical and dimensional calibrations.

General Dimensional Equipment Serviced:

Micrometers/Calipers (up to 20”)
Gauge Blocks (up to 24”)
Depth Gauges
Dial Indicators
Sound Level Meters
Scales/Balances (up to 200lbs)
Force Gauges

Temperature & Humidity Equipment Serviced:

IR Thermometers
Temperature Probes
Dry Block Calibrators
Thermocouple Calibrators

We offer simplified onsite annual calibrations, quick turnaround times in our laboratory, and competitive prices. Whether it’s troubleshooting with your team over the phone, performing our nationwide calibration services, or repairing and retrofitting products, we strive to provide the highest level of service and support. Contact us today to learn how partnering with ETI can simplify your annual equipment calibration program.