PI-1600 Accessories Case Convenient & Secure Transportation for PI-1600 Accessories

The PI-1600 accessories carrying case is a rugged, compact, and convenient transportation option for your PI-1600 circuit breaker tester bus work, input cables, and related hardware.

The PI-1600 accessories case is a durable storage unit that maximizes both the portability and organization of your PI-1600 bus work and related accessories. Measuring 31.3″ x 20.4″ x 12.2″, this carrying case packs well with your PI-1600 breaker tester and keeps your critical accessories organized.

The PI-1600 accessories case has a custom foam insert for the following PI-1600 accessories:

  • 2x 1/2″ test stabs
  • 2x TR stab plates
  • 2x TL stab plates
  • 4x inner series bars
  • 2x outer series bars
  • 1x large series bar
  • 4x output bars
  • 2x connection bars
  • 1x input cable
  • 2x connector plugs
  • 1x contact lead
  • 1x remote initiate cable
  • 1x ground cable
  • 1x PI-1600 Instruction Manual