ACDC-20 A Versatile AC and DC 20-Amp Power Supply

A powerful 20-amp AC and DC variable power supply for resetting circuit breaker charging motors and other general-purpose applications.

The ETI Model ACDC-20 is a rugged and portable 20-amp AC and DC power supply. Its applications include resetting circuit breaker charging motors and other general purposes. It will provide DC voltage in three nominal ranges from 0-120V, 240V, and 480V at 1.92 kVA, as well as AC voltage in three nominal ranges from 0-140V, 280V, and 560V at 2.8 kVA. The ACDC-20 is housed in a rugged plastic enclosure approximately 21.5” x 18.5” x 11.5” and weighs approximately 115 lbs.

This newly-redesigned unit features the following updates:

  • Independent AC and DC ammeters with improved accuracy;
  • An upgraded standard IEC power cord placed in the front of the unit, allowing the unit to be stood on its back while in use;
  • Filtering on the 120V DC range;
  • An improved rectifier module; and,
  • Improved voltmeter accuracy.

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