Upgrade High-Current Circuit Breaker Test Sets

For over 25 years, our specialists have supported our partners with our high-current and high-voltage expertise and a variety of industry-leading test equipment. Our retrofit services for high-current circuit breaker test sets extend the productive life of these expensive and critical assets. Our industry-leading customer service ensures you will receive timely and thorough answers to your questions, pairing the right resources with your specific situation. Contact ETI today to learn about partnering with our team on repair and retrofit services.

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Extending the life of your critical test equipment

As a manufacturer of circuit breaker testers, ETI is uniquely capable of upgrading the control and metering packages of legacy units to digital controllers. Our retrofit services upgrade legacy high-current circuit breaker testers with our reliable and easy-to-operate MAC-21 controller.

Our retrofit upgrades include1:

  • Replacement of the control package;
  • Replacement of the control wiring;
  • Replacement of the SCR’s;
  • Replacement of the SCR firing board;
  • Replacement of poor connections or wiring; and,
  • General preventative maintenance within the unit.

1Model dependent

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