MI-3250 10A DLRO A rugged and compact 10A digital low-resistance ohmmeter for field service.

The MI-3250 MicroOhm 10A is portable low-resistance ohmmeter for measuring low resistances of breakers and switches, busbars, cable joints, small to medium sized transformer and motor windings for industrial application, etc., with test currents up to 10A. The 4-lead Kelvin testing method together with automatic bidirectional procedures ensure very high accuracy of test results (0.25%). The instrument can be powered by mains or internal rechargeable batteries. Test results can be stored on the instrument and with the HVLink PRO software (supplied as a part of standard set) and enables transfer of measured results to your workstation, where they can be analysed or printed.

Measuring Functions

  • Bidirectional resistance measurement from 0.1 µΩ up to 2,000 Ω with test current up to 10A;
  • Temperature compensation (with optional temperature probe).

Key Features

  • Accurate: 0.1 nΩ best resolution with 0.25% accuracy.
  • Bar graph: on screen resistance bar graph.
  • Battery powered: more than 1,000 measurements with 10A test current can be performed when powered by internal battery only.
  • Safe: High overvoltage category CAT IV / 300 V.
  • Four measuring modes: Automatic, single, continuous and inductive.
  • Automatic thermal EMF elimination: with automatic bidirectional measurement.
  • Temperature compensation: measured resistance can be adjusted according to ambient temperature, which can be entered manually or measured by external probe.
  • Custom limits: limits can be set for PASS/FAIL evaluation of test results.
  • Portable: lightweight 3 kg design with carry handle and shoulder strap.
  • Memory: built-in memory enables storage of up to 1,000 test results.
  • Downloadable: stored test results can be via RS232 or USB interface transferred to the PC with installed HVLink PRO software, which enables downloading, review, analyses and printing of the test results.
  • Dimensions (w x h x l): 310 x 130 x 250 mm.
  • Weight (with batteries, without accessories): 2.8 kg.

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